Hotel Bocas del Toro's vision is to contribute to the conservation, biodiversity and cultural diversity of Bocas del Toro Province, while contributing to the well being of local communities and indigenous people.

The principles of the sustainability can be applied to any type of tourism - of mass or specialized; of city, beach or forest; great or small. Also they can be applied to all the sectors of the industry of the tourism: terrestrial lodging, expeditions, agencies, operators and transport.

In agreement with the Agenda 21 for the Industry of the Tourism and Trips, "the products of the sustainable tourism are products that work in harmony with the local atmosphere, community and cultures, so that these become permanent beneficiaries".

Many programs of certification of sustainable tourism consider that the sustainable tourism is any class of "tourism that looks simultaneously to diminish the sociocultural impact that provides economic benefits to the local communities and the countries that lodge it". (Agreement of Mohonk, 2000)

A hotel of a town can be responsible environmentally and socially, like a small ecological shelter near a national park.

In the small village of Silico Creek, in the Bocas del Toro Province, exists a community of five Ngobes families who are producing Organic Coffee; Cafe Amigable Doña Mechi. This coffee promotes an effort between Hotel Bocas del Toro to contribute to the cultural, economic and natural conservation, while supporting the well-being of the community of Silico Creek. 

Hotel Bocas del Toro wants strategic partners to support the management of sales and positioning of organic coffee in Panama. For more information you can contact Hotel Bocas del Toro, who serves this delicious coffee to guests in their rooms.

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